Magnets--Online Ordering Coming Soon!
This is the original large magnet. Don't Judge A Person By Their Scars. Magnet is 5" x 3". $4.00

Each small magnet shown below is made from high quality vinyl that is thickness of 0.4mm and measuring 3 1/2" x 2".  Each magnet has the dont-judge website printed in an inconspicuous manner.

All Lives Matter. Magnet: $2.00

Don't Judge A Person By Their Scars. Magnet: $2.00
Your Struggle Is Not Your Identity. Magnet: $2.00
Don't Scar A Person By Judging Them. Magnet: $2.00
Don't Judge A Person. Just Don't Do It. Magnet: $2.00
Don't Look Back. Magnet: $2.00
You Are Not Your Past. Magnet: $2.00
Sticks and Stones May Break Bones. Magnet: $2.00
Being A Good Listener is Having The Ability. Magnet: $2.00
Your Actions Today. Magnet: $2.00
You Are Not Alone. Magnet: $2.00
The Only Situation That Is Hopeless. Magnet: $2.00
Hold On Pain Ends. Magnet: $2.00
If A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words. Magnet: $2.00
Scars Are Like Tattoos. Magnet: $2.00
Do Not Allow What People Think. Magnet: $2.00
Don't Allow Your Mouth To Be A Weapon. Magnet: $2.00
As Long As A Person Has Breath. Magnet: $2.00
Just Because You Think It. Magnet: $2.00
You Are Not Alone. Magnet: $2.00
A Hug Speaks Louder Than Words. Magnet: $2.00
You Are An Overcomer. Magnet: $2.00
Hold Onto Hope. Magnet: $2.00