Vicki Duffy

The phrase "Don't Judge A Person By Their Scars" and "Don't Scar A Person By Judging Them" have been in existence through author, speaker, and advocate, Vicki Duffy who began a self-help website in August of 2001 called End All The Pain, formed the first self-injury support group in New Jersey in 2005, and is now founder of Launching Point. Launching Point is a 501(c)3 charitable organization that serves as a self-injury support & resource center in New Jersey with the main website at www.launchingpoint.org.  

Hi, this is Vicki and for years I have heard how people are judged for their looks, weight, choices, even their opinions! I have realized that I don't need to have an opionion where I don't have responsibility, oh how freeing. Not everyone thinks that way and hope that through inspiring messages that I can help people become more open and with your help you too can be part of it.  

I simply want to let people know that there is hope to overcome self-injury and I strive to love more and judge less...that is my mission and focus.

If you have a story of overcoming judgment or judging yourself, please share your story

If you are looking for a speaker on self-injury, judging, and/or overcominhg adversity for a seminar, lecture, or conference, please send an e-mail to info@dont-judge.org to book Vicki Duffy. 

Representing Launching Point and our "love more judge less" mission at the Creation Northeast Music festival from June 27-June 30, 2018.

We see people of all ages and all walks of life, all who have been judged in one way or the other, and the "Don't Judge Revolution" is to bring light to how judging another can really have a hurtful outcome.  

Over the years Vicki has created hundreds of inspirational, encouraging, and thought provoking sayings and phrases. Interestingly enough, most are geared toward not judging. Some of these sayings and phrases have now been made into items that you can proudly wear and get the message across.

​We make our inspiring messages available on t-shirts, mugs, magnets, postcards, and drawstring bags. They are available at festivals we attend from May through October or by visiting our location at 21 Pine Street, Suite 116, Rockaway, NJ.
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