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Show kindness. Be kind toward others. Dont' judge just because you don't understand. Take a stand against judgment and join the Don’t Judge Revolution!  The goal of a revolution is to change the way people currently think of something and show them the benefits of a new way of thinking.  Our goal is to reduce judgments and create a world were we can just be ourselves without fear. Simply stated: Don't scar a person by judging them!

Take the "Don't Judge Challenge", a pledge to be less judgmental, especially to who or what you don't understand.

The phrase "Don't Judge A Person By Their Scars" and "Don't Scar A Person By Judging Them" have been in existence since the late 1990's and on the web starting in early 2001 through Vicki Duffy who is now founder of Launching Point. 

 It is now time to make these sayings and other inspiring phrases available to you via shirts, magnets, drawstring bags and wristbands! 

Through these inspiring messages and insightful phrases, we are hoping to make the world a little brighter. Join our Don't Judge Revolution and make living less judgmental! 

Launching Point is a 501(c)3 charitable organization that serves as a self-injury support & resource center in New Jersey with the main website at www.launchingpoint.org.
Don't Judge sayings and phrases inspired by Vicki Duffy and products brought to you by Launching Point. 
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Be part of the Don't Judge Revolution...let's make this a better world, pass on the non-judgmental attitude...get your "Don't Judge" sticker today! If you would like any of our Don't Judge related products, please visit our online store or visit us at Launching Point, 21 Pine Street, Suite 201, Rockaway, NJ 07866.
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